it appears Tumblr is hiding a Stargate SG1 fan club in here Don’t stop my brethren

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when someone you don’t like loves the same song as you


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"This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened, of course. This crap just keeps going. People who proudly call themselves “gamers” everywhere have been harassing and trying to exclude women for the last ten years, citing every pathetic excuse in the book from a “feminist agenda” to “gamer culture is under attack”. It’s disgusting and it’s awful, and it doesn’t even make sense. What are these people even afraid of?

Literally the worst possible thing that can happen here is equality. That’s the worst outcome, that’s the nightmare scenario. If, today, every AAA publisher said “We will start to include women more in our games and represent them better”, the only actual difference this would make to anybody shrieking about how feminists are destroying games is that they might have to pick their gender in the next Call of Duty game. Terrifying, isn’t it. Stuff of nightmares." - Announcement: Readers who feel threatened by equality no longer welcome | (via love-and-radiation)

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Oh Lord, Oh Lord, I’m begging you please
Don’t take that sinner from me

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Jokingly hits on you but 100% means it




Eye Color: 
Hair Color:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Band:
Favorite Book?:
Perfect Date:
Why should I pick you?:
Why do you even want to date me?:

I swear to God I’m just going to keep reblogging until I finally get a response

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all i want is for people to look at the parallels between gamora and nebula in gotg and thor and loki in thor, and give as much of a shit about nebula as they do loki


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i’m not sorry and when you reblog a post of mine and make a comment shaming a woman for expressing her sexuality on it you will and continue to be blocked, no matter how many asks you send being a pissbaby about it

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Remember how everyone’s favorite part of Heath Ledger’s performance in Brokeback Mountain was his almost painful physical repression, his reluctance to express any emotion that wasn’t punching or SHUTTING DOWN? His voice was closed in on itself in a raspy burr — he fell to the ground rather than shed tears — his face was hooded and dark and full of twitching cheek muscles. Kristen Stewart is Heath Ledger, I assure you. She has the same handsome face, the same winsome, masculine smile, the same reluctance to make direct eye contact.

For years, everyone in the world has misunderstood Kristen Stewart’s compressed emotional range. They thought it meant she was a limited actress; it means nothing of the kind. She is John Wayne being forced to play the Maureen O’Hara character. Give her a rail to lean against during a sunset, a military jacket, a toothpick to chew on, and something to squint her eyes against lazily in the distance, and her guardedness will be transformed from unsuccessful femininity to The Great American Male.

Kristen Stewart is a goddamn cowboy.

I want it on the record that I would watch ten million movies with Kristen Stewart playing a cowboy, and I am not even exaggerating.

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  • 15-year-old me: MOM I'm practically an ADULT ugggh you never let me do ANYTHING in olden times i could get MARRIED *eye roll into another dimension*
  • me now: for my birthday i want food and to stay on your health insurance